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Conical Exhaust – MGH-V85TT-IC

Stainless steel conical exhaust specific for Moto Guzzi V85 TT.

The feedback from our new dyno bench was excellent: best torque and power at all engine RPMs!

Is not only a sound question, our exhaust improve the delivery that become more fluid and linear.

Technical features:

  • Reduced weight: up to -2.3 kg less than the original exhaust
  • Full and deep sound
  • Specific laser-cut stainless steel bracket included
  • Same position as the original exhaust: compatibility with Guzzi side bags and accessories
  • Removable DB-Killer
  • Specific carbon fiber heat shield included
  • Mistral logo engraved by laser
  • Artisan product: quality and attention to every detail. Assembly, welding and finishing operations are exclusively handmade
  • 2024 VERSION: for the Euro4 and Euro5 V85TT we have upgraded and optimized the conical exhaust both internally and in the lenght, by making it shorter and more integrated with the aesthetic line of the bike!

Specific for

Moto Guzzi

V85 TT E4 (all the versions)

V85 TT E5 (all the versions)

V85 TT E5+ (all the versions)



For the finish add to the code the following letters:

Satin finish (-S)

Anodized black finish (-N)


For EURO5 homologation add to the code:


For Euro 5+ homologation add to the code:



Easy installation without any modification on the bike

Compatible with original system components

Specific mapping not required


EURO4  (2019-2020)

Noise reduction device

EURO5 (2021 – 2023)

Noise reduction device

EURO5+ (2024 – )

Noise reduction device


Vtwin Boost

Velocity Stack E4 E5

Velocity Stack E5+

Kit Bypass SAS

Racing Air Filter

Control unit mapping E4

Satin finish

Black finish

Polished finish

ICe Grey finish

Prova al banco Guzzi V85   Grafico coppia
Prova al banco Guzzi V85   Grafico potenza

Conical Exhaust – MGH-V85TT-IC, for more information contact us

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Conical Exhaust – MGH-V85TT-IC, related products:

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