La Chinoise 883 – Flat Track

This work is born from our deep interest in personalized motorcycles:

Directly from Switzerland, Sven brought us this Harley Davidson 883 with a project in mind: the realization of a Flat Track style motorcycle. Immediately we asked ourselves how to “transform” a custom bike into a flat track.

But first of all: what is the FLAT TRACK?

Born at the beginning of the ‘900, this motorcycle discipline usually takes place in oval circuits characterized by a pavement with poor grip (sand, crumbled rock or topsoil). The competitors exploit the poor grip in order to generate a controlled drift and to continue along the circuit. The races are divided into 20 rounds in which 16 riders tackle four at a time.

Fortunately there are on the market specific hull kits for each bike to achieve this type of projects. The aesthetic part (hulls, painting) had already been studied and planned by Sven, who, in a second moment, would take care of carrying it out after the construction of the exhaust. It was therefore our turn: the flat track bikes, especially on Harley-Davidson base, are characterized mostly by high straight exhaust systems, with a straight line pointing towards the tail of the bike.

Here is our Flat Track interpretation for ” La Chinoise 883 ”