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Short Exhausts – MGH-V9SHORT

Stainless steel conical exhausts specific for Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber E4 and V9 Roamer E4.

Completely made of stainless steel, our Short exhaust appear clearly shorter and less bulky compared to the original exhaust.

Technical features:

  • Short length: technology and experience in just 45 centimeters
  • Reduced weight: -5 kg compared to the original exhausts
  • Installation with graphite bushings: reduction of vibrations
  • Removable DB-Killers
  • Specific heat shields included
  • Mistral logo engraved by laser
  • Artisan product: quality and attention to every detail. Assembly, welding and finishing operations are exclusively handmade

Specific for

Moto Guzzi

V9 Roamer E4

V9 Bobber E4

V9 Bobber Sport E4



For the finish add to the code the following letters:

Polished finish(-P)

Satin finish (-S)

Ice Grey finish (-SA)

Matte black finish(-BP)



Easy installation without any modification to the bike

Compatible with original system components


Antipollution and noise reducstion device


Short Exhausts – MGH-V9SHORT, for more information contact us

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Short Exhausts – MGH-V9SHORT, related products:

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