Company Hystory

After few years in the construction department and others in the R&D (Research and Development) department of Lafranconi Silenziatori, Romano decided to set up his own business by investing the knowledge gained in a new personal project.

Thus was born in 1993 MISTRAL, a small artisan business that immediately became the reference point for many Guzzisti and beyond. Over the years, our company has increasingly specialized in the production of exhaust systems, rigorously built by hand, and has been able, year after year, and thanks to the word of mouth of customers, to grow and become the reality of today.

The production includes homologated exhaust systems for road and racing use, furthermore, upon the customer’s request, it is possible to develop complete systems in a single example, built directly on the bike, exactly like a tailored suit.

The company is based in Mandello del Lario, a small town, nestled between Lake Como and the Grigna mountain, already known throughout history for its passion for motorcycling and home to numerous companies operating in the sector, including Moto Guzzi.

Although our production is totally artisanal, technology has become an integral part both in the development of new exhaust systems and in the production itself. Some of our most recent silencers have been developed in 3D CAD even before being made in reality, the combination of thirty-year technical experience and modern technology is what ensures an excellent final result.

Research & Development

It starts with prototyping, it is the initial phase where you look at the bike, study the lines and try to grasp its soul. The exhaust must not be a simple object to install, it must be a perfectly integrated and complementary component of the bike. During this phase we think about the shape, the length, the internal volume (also in relation to the cylindrate), we check the encumbraces (central stand, side stand, platforms, bags, etc …), every detail is taken into consideration.

We then move on to the construction of the prototype, in the most artisanal and manual sense that there is, the first “ mannequin ” is created, the one that will then be used for the technical tests on the bench and on the road.

Through the use of the internal dyno bench we check its performance, this step is done for each bike in order to guarantee specific results for each of them. Therefore, these are not generic silencers, but each exhaust is specially optimized for the bike on which it is to be installed. The tool allows us to see how the torque and power curve changes compared to the original system, if necessary to evaluate any improvement changes and guarantee the result for the customer.

The dyno bench feedback has become even more fundamental with the advent of the EURO4 and EURO5 motorcycles, in fact it is necessary to guarantee compatibility with the original ECU mapping as well as having a profit, ensuring that the air / fuel ratio remains within the safe range for operation of the engine.

Sound is also an essential development target: different types of db-killers are tested in order to find the right relationship between sound quality, homologation limits and performance gain. Design is as important on the outside as it is on the inside.


Once the development phase has been completed, the construction details, technical drawings, manufacturing processes are defined, the welding masks and any molds for the components are created, the silencer is now ready for approval tests and production .

We have dedicated a specific page of our website to provide more information on the homologation process and the certification of our company: HOMOLOGATIONS

The production is characterized by total craftsmanship:

welding, assembly and final finishing are operations carried out exclusively by hand in order to maintain the high quality that characterizes any Mistral product.

Replacing the exhaust is one of the first operations that are carried out to obtain weight reductions, better performance, different sounds and looks. If we combine all these features with continuous product improvement, Made in Italy artisan quality and over 30 years of experience, you get exactly what the customer is looking for for his bike!