After a few years in the construction department and others in the R&D (Research and Development) department of a well-known company in the motorcycle sector, the owner Romano decided to start his own business by investing the knowledge gained in a new personal project.

Mistral officially entered the international market in 1993, immediately becoming the point of reference for many Guzzisti and not only. Over the years the company has specialized in the production of artisan exhaust systems and is also able to perform any customization on customer request. The production includes exhaust systems approved for road and racing use.
The company is based in Mandello del Lario, a small town, nestled between Lake Como and the Grigna mountain, already known in history for its motorcycle passion and home to many companies operating in the sector, including Guzzi.


The production is characterized by total craftsmanship:

welding, assembly and final finishes are operations carried out exclusively by hand in order to maintain the high quality that characterizes any Mistral product.

Replacing the exhaust is one of the first operations that are carried out to obtain weight reductions, better performances, different sounds and looks. If we combine all these characteristics with the continuous improvement of the products, the artisan quality made in Italy and the experience of over 30 years, we obtain a Mistral exhaust!

Mistral products ensure an improvement over the entire engine delivery curve in terms of torque and power, results obtained thanks to the numerous tests carried out during the design phase, years of experience and great passion for the world of motorcycles.

The company: TODAY

The company, which has always been family-run, continues today in the same footsteps as 27 years ago. The customer is at the center of our work, for us an exhaust is never an end in itself and our goal is to create an experience.

The customer is welcomed by a 360 degree service from pre to post sale, a service that, thanks to modern IT systems, is present on various platforms, always ready to answer questions and doubts and to solve any type of problem.

Mistral has two manual welding areas with TIG and MIG, silencer assembly area, component and pipe processing area, test room with dedicated dyno bench, warehouse area, shipping area and offices.

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